Team Profile Jayne W. Ngari

Jayne W. Ngari

Jayne Ngari is an experienced, dynamic, and strategic leader in Partnerships & Programs with a proven track record of growth in multiple markets including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as well as in multinational organizations and community-based projects. She possesses the capability to develop impactful and strategic relationships at all levels and resource mobilization, including Non-Governmental, Governmental organizations, and the private sector. She has a strong track record of project management skills, with the ability to harness resources and coordinate projects to successful completion while managing competing priorities. She boasts over 13 years of experience spanning from Media Management, Public Relations, Partnership Program management, project management, and Community Engagement.

Over the last decade, she has been involved in bridging the gaps in core issues that face communities and organizations. Her experience in working in the corporate sector, engaging with public entities, and structuring organizations gives her an excellent edge in understanding the dynamics for innovative research for evidence-based solutions through linkages, networks, and strategic partnerships.

She currently holds the position of Director at 44Africa, a UK company that specializes in consulting services to investors and businesses wishing to invest and trade in East Africa across various sectors, such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure development, among others. The company also aims at boosting international exports, supporting entrepreneurs, develop strategic partners with FDI negotiate trade opportunities between public and private sectors within the diaspora.

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